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BeautiFill® Laser Liposuction in Waxahachie, TX

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What Is BeautiFill?

As we age, we can discover a decrease in facial fullness and laxity in certain regions of our figure. This process can make you appear tired or older. To address this, our team at Elan Med Spa and Clinic is thrilled to offer an innovative procedure called laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer employing the latest Alma BeautiFill technology at our facility in Waxahachie, TX. This minimally invasive system sends laser beams under the skin to easily detach undesired fat from regions, like the flanks, upper thighs, and stomach. The preserved fat is then reimplanted into selected facial or body sections to allow you to have soft, youthful-appearing fullness. With this aesthetic procedure, it's possible to enhance the cheeks, around the eyes, or around the mouth and nose. Alternatively, we can use the tissue for body sculpting by enhancing plumpness in the breasts or buttocks. This proven treatment involves minimal time to recover, making it a suitable option when compared to traditional fat transfers. To learn more about the perks of laser lipo and fat grafting, get in touch with our team to schedule a consultation.

Am I A Candidate For BeautiFill Laser Liposuction?

Good patients for BeautiFill laser-assisted liposuction are typically those who:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Want to treat obvious thin or lax facial or body sections
  • Are seeking a natural option instead of traditional fillers
  • Desire to minimize fat in a particular region and enhance fullness in another place

While you're at your initial appointment, Dr. Pierce will discuss your specific challenges and goals to determine whether this treatment would be appropriate for your needs.

What to Expect with the BeautiFill treatment process

When we finish your procedure at Elan Med Spa and Clinic, you will be able to resume your regular routine. It's possible to have bruising or redness in the treatment regions; however, these issues will likely diminish within a few days. Because laser liposuction with fat transfer uses your own fat tissue, it usually has low rates of rejection. Noticeable outcomes should show up quickly after your session with the added fullness typically remaining for years to come. While laser lipo and fat transfer is an ideal solution to add youthful enhancements, it is important to consider that the gradual loss of collagen and elastin will continue. Additionally, any future weight alterations might affect your outcomes. When you come to our office in Waxahachie, TX, our team can address any questions and set realistic outcomes.

BeautiFill FAQ

What's the difference between BeautiFill and other energy-assisted liposuction procedures?
The most important difference between BeautiFill and comparable laser- or energy-assisted liposuction treatments is the fat harvesting approach. This sophisticated system can retrieve a portion of viable fat cells and refine it to be inserted into the targeted regions. Compared to alternative treatments, BeautiFill can produce superior percentage of viable fat cells and is recognized for its great, beautiful outcomes.

Am I going to feel pain during my procedure?
Since laser-assisted liposuction is done under localized anesthesia, most patients experience minimal irritation during their procedure at Elan Med Spa and Clinic. However, you may have some bruising and redness once you get home.

Will I need to take time off work or my regular activities?
Generally, that is up to you. You may sustain mild post-procedure redness or bruising, which may remain for a short period or longer, depending on the scope and extent of the affected areas. Regardless, these short-term symptoms should not keep you from getting back to your day-to-day activities within 24 hours should you want to do so.

Your beauty, reimagined 

Enhance your volume in your complexion, buttocks, or breasts by scheduling an appointment at Elan Med Spa and Clinic. The BeautiFill procedure in our Waxahachie, TX office could be the perfect approach to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. With this technology, laser liposuction is proficient at delivering stunning enhancements to your face and body. Reach out to our team to arrange a consultation and hear more about how you can benefit. 

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