What Can JUVÉDERM® Injections do For my Cheeks?

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Cheeks that lack volume can make a person appear gaunt or tired. If you are not ready for invasive solutions like cheek implants, cutting-edge dermal fillers can replenish missing volume, so your mid-face appears fuller. Best of all, results from cosmetic injections may last for one year based on your individual goals.

JUVÉDERM injections are popular because treatment is easy and results appear natural. Anyone interested in learning about fillers should call Elan Med Spa & Clinic for an assessment with Dr. Darrel Pierce. Our Waxahachie, TX team knows how to achieve the best possible outcomes from JUVÉDERM.

Missing volume in the mid-face

Many factors contribute to gradual volume loss in the cheeks and mid-face. Collagen – which provides much-needed structure and support to the skin – begins to diminish with age. Additionally, the fatty tissues that keep the face looking plump and full also begin to decrease. The result is often a sunken or hollow appearance that can make you feel self-conscious.

Weight loss is another major contributor to missing volume. When you slim down, your skin may not have the elasticity to snap back into place. You may have sagging skin or wrinkles as a result.

Options like cheek implants may address volume loss and provide support to the skin. However, dermal fillers produce similar results without an invasive procedure. JUVÉDERM treatment comes with relatively low risks and very little downtime.

How do JUVÉDERM injections work?

JUVÉDERM is a versatile dermal filler mainly designed to correct volume loss. The injectable gel contains hyaluronic acid – a substance that occurs in the body and helps keep our skin hydrated.

Once injected, JUVÉDERM provides new support and structure to the skin. Treatment is quick and relatively painless, thanks to a small gauge needle and topical numbing cream.

During your appointment, Dr. Pierce can discuss your areas of concern and develop a custom treatment plan. JUVÉDERM is available in several formulations, each one designed to address specific areas. Our plans in Waxahachie, TX may involve multiple injections based on your needs.

What else can JUVÉDERM do for my appearance?

In addition to managing volume in the cheeks and mid-face, JUVÉDERM injections can also be used to:

  • Fill in under eye hollows
  • Smooth away wrinkles and fine lines
  • Plump the lips
  • Improve the appearance of scars
  • Contour the jaw

Sometimes, dermal fillers are used alongside other cosmetic treatments like wrinkle relaxers to achieve comprehensive outcomes.

What do JUVÉDERM results look like?

Some people are concerned about appearing "fake" after cosmetic injections, but an experienced professional knows how to produce great results. Our patients see an immediate improvement in volume and contour after their JUVÉDERM injections and are happy with their results.

It may take two weeks for the full effects of JUVÉDERM to be visible based on injection placement and the amount used. Outcomes can last up to one year, but we can help you maintain your refreshed results with occasional touch-ups.

Achieve fuller cheeks

Volume loss in the cheeks is a normal but unwanted sign of aging. However, there are ways to restore a youthful appearance. If you are uninterested in invasive surgery or implants, dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM may be the right solution. Call Elan Med Spa & Clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Darrel Pierce in Waxahachie, TX. Our team can provide more guidance about cosmetic injections.

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